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Providing industry designs, implementation and support for network infrastructure

Our team of project managers, certified infrastructure engineers, networking consultants, and cabling experts work together to offer the full suite of networking solutions.

About STS

Spectrum Technical Solutions is committed to supporting the requirements of the modern-day Supply Chain commodity handling environments.

WiFi plays an integral role in today’s interconnected journey that raw materials, components, and goods take before their assembly and sale to customers. With the emergence of an ‘on-demand’ supply chain, fast, reliable wireless connectivity has never been more important for supporting the needs of the modern Supply Chain.

STS Wireless Networks

Designing, installing, and maintaining a wireless network that can improve productivity and efficiency with superior, secure coverage and fast, stable connections to an abundance of data collection technology is vital to support the emerging technologies in today’s automated production and warehouses. Whatever the size or type of your facility, STS can provide a robust wireless infrastructure that seamlessly connects all your internet-based devices and systems so your business can meet the needs of an on-demand supply chain.

Our expertise in wireless connectivity for manufacturing, logistics, and product distribution, RFID means we can guarantee a resilient, robust, and reliable WiFi solution that will support you and future-proof your network.

  • STS WiFi surveys are tailored to each specific environment, meaning we spot details
    unique to your sector.
  • RFID deployments to track or monitor equipment, material, production, or personnel
    throughout a facility.
  • Independent, vendor-neutral advice that puts your supply chain and its operations at the
    center of the project.
  • Cloud-based wireless networks that offer hyper-secure, agile, complete control of your
    network from anywhere.
  • Scalable, future-proofed solutions that can support real-time data, automation and
  • Wireless scanning solutions and Android technology from Zebra, Meraki, Aruba, Ruckus,
    Extreme and Mist to name a few.

Industry Solutions

Our expertise in wireless connectivity for manufacturing, logistics and product distribution, RFID means we can guarantee a resilient, robust and reliable WiFi solution that will support you and future proof your network.


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Spectrum Technical Solutions

Wireless LAN Architecture

A Wireless LAN architecture can vary depending on the requirements of each customer. Our STS team has decades of combined experience serving customers of all sizes. At Spectrum Technical Solutions we understand that all businesses are not created equal and with that comes a brand new set of obstacles. STS is committed to delivering the best solution for reliability and performance no matter the direction of your business.

Wi-Fi Design

Wi-Fi design is the process of taking your business requirements for wireless connectivity and turning them into a high-performing and reliable Wi-Fi network. It’s the translation of your business needs — how many devices need Wi-Fi (capacity) and where they need it (coverage) — into a deployment plan detailing how many access points you’ll need, where they need to be installed, and how they should be configured in order to satisfy the demands of your users. Working with an STS sales/engineer to ensure the end result is reliable Wi-Fi for all of the devices and applications on your network — and happy employees and customers. Contact an STS Sales engineer today!

RFID Installations

A great Wi-Fi network starts with a great design, and a great design starts with accurate Wi-Fi requirements. By asking the right questions and identifying the six requirements presented, STS will be able to develop a wireless design perfectly tuned to your business needs. Here is a quick breakdown of how the business requirements translate to design software inputs: 

Great Design Survey

Spectrum Technical Solutions has the knowledge, personnel, and proper Wi-Fi performance tools to accurately survey, design, deploy, and maintain today's mission-critical wireless networks. Having the proper software helps place the right number of access points (APs) in the right locations, with the right configurations to meet the wireless connectivity needs of your business.

Structured Cabling Service

Data Cabling

At Spectrum Technical Solutions, we provide expert service when it comes to designing, recommending, and installing data cables that can connect high-performance networks, whether copper or fiber-optic. We’ve helped thousands of businesses across all industries install new cabling to future-proof their wireless networks for tomorrow’s technology.