Private 5G/4G Installations

Private 5G/4G installations.
Let STS help you with new deployments

STS has partnered with Celona to help provide an end-to-end solution

STS is a Certified Professional Installer (CPI) for any Private 5G/4G installation.

Private 5G no longer Optional

  • Engineered for use cases not met by current wireless solutions
  • Delivers highest ROI for network connected IT and OT systems
  • Eliminates operational downtime and lost labor costs
  • Better productivity for connected workers and systems
Private 5G/4G Installations
Private 5G/4G Installations

Industry’s Only Turnkey 5G Lan solution

  • All-inclusive end-to-end solution at pricing that rivals Wi-Fi
  • IT-friendly system deploys in hours, not days, weeks or months
  • Direct integration with existing enterprise IP networks
  • Completely complements existing Qos and security systems

Private Library For The Enterprise

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