Structured Cabling Services

Structured Cabling Service Available

Structured Cabling Service

At Spectrum Technical Solutions, we provide expert service when it comes to designing, recommending, and installing data cables that can connect high-performance networks, whether copper or fiber-optic. We’ve helped thousands of businesses across all industries install new cabling to future-proof their wireless networks for tomorrow’s technology. Structured Cabling Service is available.

Why is data cabling so important?

Your network can only perform as much as your data cabling allows, so choosing a data cable with specifications that will support these speeds is vital. When it comes to wireless networks, ensuring a reliable, clean, and speedy connection between switches and access points is especially important. With hundreds of devices often connecting to a single AP, it is – in part – the quality of your data cabling that determines whether the performance promised by your switches and access points reaches the end user or device.

How do I choose the right data cables?

Poor quality data cabling – or the wrong specification of cabling for your requirements – results in increased interference, slower or interrupted packet delivery, intermittent connectivity, and ultimately worse performance for the end user or device. It is therefore essential that you make an informed and well-advised decision when it comes to choosing the right data cables for your company.

The type of cabling you need will depend on the technology you want to connect to your network, the environment and construction of your workplace (indoor/outdoor, underground, building type), as well as your budget. You also need to consider your future requirements; your network is constantly evolving as technology advances, so your data cabling needs to be able to support tomorrow’s bandwidth and throughput demands.

Spectrum Technical Solutions offers CommScope ethernet products with an extensive portfolio of high-performance twisted-pair cables for your structured cabling needs. From Category 5e or 6 cables to Category 6A, 7, and 7A cables

designed for 10GBASE-T, we feature a broad range of unshielded and shielded cables designed to meet or exceed your requirements.

  • Shielded or unshielded
  • Offered for plenum and non-plenum applications
  • Available for Category 5e, 6, 6A, 7 and 7A

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