RFID Installations

RFID installationsSTS can install your RFID installations equipment regardless of manufacturer or software developer.

Most RFID systems consist of the same basic elements:
• Readers - An RFID reader is the “brain” of the RFID system and is necessary for any system to function. Readers, also called interrogators, are devices that transmit and receive radio waves to communicate with RFID tags. Readers can also support multiple antennas.
• Antennas - RFID Antennas are a necessary element in any RFID system; however, they are “dumb devices” that use power from the reader to generate an RF field allowing the reader to transmit and receive signals from the RFID tags.
• Tags - An RFID tag, in its most simplistic form, is comprised of two parts – an antenna for transmitting and receiving signals, and an RFID chip (or integrated circuit) which stores the tag’s ID and other information.
• Software - Software is essential to all RFID systems. Software allows the reader to operate and communicate with RFID tags, the data collected from tag reads can be shown, sent, stored, etc. so that users can make informed decisions and take actions, or can trigger other systems to take preprogrammed actions. Ultimately, software can be as simple or complex as required by the application.  Software applications will vary by developer and can in some instances be designed toward your specific requirements.

RFID installations

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