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Why Wi-Fi Design Matters

Well-designed wireless networks

Why Wi-Fi Design Matters. Well-designed wireless networks are easier to troubleshoot and fix., Awesome Wi-Fi starts with STS and an Ekahau design — which not only establishes a great baseline for your network, it makes it easy to perform regular health checks and spot interferers before they become massive issues. Contact an STS Sales engineer today!

Good Wi-Fi is good for business. 

Why Wi-Fi Design MattersWi-Fi is a part of nearly every mission-critical application used in business — from self-driving forklifts in warehouses to the fleet of laptops and phones deployed throughout your organization. It’s in the life-sustaining medical devices we rely on for health and wellness. It keeps us connected when we need to communicate and collaborate, and it gives us an escape when we need to isolate.

You only notice Wi-Fi when it isn’t working. We have all experienced the frustration of poor-performing Wi-Fi networks. Globally, 200 million wireless networks have been reported as poor performing — unable to meet their requirements for overall coverage and capacity with minimal interference. One of the biggest reasons Wi-Fi networks are poor performing is due to poor Wi-Fi design. As people and organizations come to rely more and more heavily on Wi-Fi networks, the risk of their failure becomes increasingly serious.

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